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What's In My Name?


I was name after my mommy's mommy (that's my grand mom).  Her name is Canh Diec, and I am named Candace.


Candace Xuan-Huyen Tran


The following analysis describes a few qualities of my name. There are many additional factors (legal name, nicknames, family surname, combined names, previous names, and business signature) that contribute to my entire personality - and my entire life.



The name of Candace creates a very quiet, practical nature and a clever and inventive mind. Being analytical and naturally studious, I am interested in a factual understanding of the mysteries of life. My methodical nature requires that I like to finish what I start without interruptions and also to have everything in its place and properly organized. An ability to concentrate could take me into computer programming or accountancy or any work requiring concentration and attention to detail. I have, also, a flair for creative expression with my hands. I take life seriously and can be easily and deeply hurt and go into moods, which can be quite extreme at times, causing much turmoil and unhappiness. Finding it difficult to join in conversation with those with whom I am not well acquainted, I could feel quite alone and uncommunicative with new acquaintances or in a large crowd. As a result, I could be accused of being unfriendly. I desire so much to be understood, but my name has limited my verbal expression to such an extent that it is very difficult for me to divulge my innermost thoughts even to those closest to me. One of my greatest salvations is being out in nature, for it is there that I find the peace and serenity I so much desire. 


Name Origin: A 2-syllable girl's name of Latin/Greek origin.
Other meanings: glittering, glowing, pure, fire white, white-hot.
Nicknames: Candy, Candie, Candee




My name of Xuan has given me a capable patient, responsible nature with a talent for accounting, computers, and similar fields. I plan ahead giving careful consideration to detail. My home and family are important to me. I have the ability to be an excellent homemaker and mother, or a teacher, as I appreciate people and know how to make them feel at ease, but I am inclined to worry over my responsibilities. I enjoy a daily routine and settled conditions, once I have found a comfortable niche in life. I resist changes until I have examined an idea in detail and until all facts fall into place. If I have to make a change, it is not easy to do so happily. I do not readily change my ideas unless I am thoroughly convinced that I must.




My name of Huyen gives me the desire for success and financial accumulation and the confidence and drives to go after my ambitions, regardless of obstacles. My thinking revolves around business and ways of making money, rather than on music, art, drama, or philosophy. I start new endeavors and incorporate new ideas, but seldom if ever receive the full benefits and financial accumulation for my efforts. I tend to feel very frustrated in being unable to realize my ambitions fully. An extremely independent and self-sufficient person, I dislike taking orders or advice from anyone. I believe in speaking directly and to the point, so I am candid and abrupt. Many friendships are lost because of my directness. Those in close association complain that I am not inclined to observe and return acts of kindness, compassion, or affection. I would be a firm parent and my children would be well disciplined, but I would find it difficult to get close to them and to show compassion and affection.



My last name Tran creates a very independent, practical, analytical nature with skillful business abilities. I desire freedom from restrictions and authority in order that I can pursue my own ambitions. Material and financial success are the focus of my interests, but sacrificing much for material ambition will result in a lack of harmony and balance in my personal life, particularly a lack of appreciation for social courtesies and things of a more inspirational nature. Since I often appear to be too unfeeling, factual, and calculating in my dealings with others, my personal happiness and fulfillment can suffer through difficulty in conveying my feminine qualities of love and affection.